Leonardo Launches Vizlly, a New Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System

Vizlly Changes the Way Hoteliers Market Their Hotel Online

Toronto, Canada – December 1, 2014 – Leonardo, technology company serving the global hospitality industry, today announced the launch of Vizlly, a new Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System that will change the way hoteliers market their hotel online.

Leonardo’s innovative new SaaS platform comes at a time when the travel shopping journey continues to grow in complexity – travelers now visit anywhere between 10 to 30 different sites before booking, from OTAs and Meta Search sites to social media pages, mobile devices and hotel websites. Today’s hoteliers struggle with the work involved in reaching travel shoppers across all the channels and devices they use to research and shop for travel online.

To alleviate these complexities, Leonardo has consistently been at the forefront, developing technology solutions to help hoteliers reach and engage with travel shoppers worldwide, with the newest innovation being Vizlly.


Vizlly hotel websites have responsive design that display on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

A New Digital Landscape
As Leonardo’s products have evolved to fit the new digital landscape, Leonardo’s core mission – to help marketers extract more value from their hotels’ online presence through technology solutions that improve the way they present their hotel to online travel shoppers – has not changed.

Vizlly is the next evolution of Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System, a product first launched five years ago, now trusted by over 6,000 properties, that enable hotels to curate their visual media into compelling stories and syndicate these to VNetwork, the largest travel website network in the global travel industry. As the number of options for travel shoppers increased, Leonardo moved beyond distribution to offer smartphone and tablet optimized websites, social media apps, as well as multi-media galleries to enhance existing websites.

Vizlly goes even further and enables hoteliers to manage all their digital marketing for direct and indirect sales channels using one system, including the ability to create your own hotel website.

“The digital landscape is constantly changing and, as a result, how consumers shop for travel online increases in complexity. That’s where Vizlly can help. Vizlly is a way to simplify the amount of work that hotel marketers spend on managing their online marketing and give hotel marketers a way to manage all their digital marketing in one place, which is the answer to what hotels have been asking for years,” said Paolo Boni, CEO, Leonardo.

Vizlly: A Complete Digital Marketing System
Vizlly, Leonardo’s new cloud-based Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System, makes it easy for hoteliers to create and publish hotel websites, mobile websites, social media apps and digital brochures for third party travel websites, all using a single cloud-based software system. Some of Vizlly’s core features include:

  • Web Marketing: Hoteliers can create their own hotel website and tell compelling stories about their rooms, promotions and unique features – built to drive increased conversions on direct booking channels
  • Cloud-Based Technology: Vizlly’s cloud-based technology means hotel marketers can update content from anywhere and see the changes made in real time. It ensures that content is powered, supported and displayed using today’s most advanced technology for a fast, seamless consumer experience 24/7
  • New Visual-First Interface: Vizlly’s new interface makes it easy to manage content and digital marketing all in one place – a striking, intuitive platform designed for simplicity
  • Mobile Optimization: Easily create smartphone and tablet optimized websites that are multi-media supported and visually-rich
  • Social Media Marketing: Reach more travelers with customizable multi-media Facebook Apps
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Easily create targeted digital brochures and syndicate to specific travel websites in VNetwork, the largest travel website network in the global hospitality industry
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Marketers no longer need to work in the dark – with Vizlly’s reporting and analytics, they can track where and what consumers are engaging with online and strategize accordingly

“We designed Vizlly from the ground up with one focus: empowering the user. It’s fast, visual, and gives users flexibility. Its cloud-based infrastructure allows for truly global deployments, whether you’re a hotel in New York, London or Hong Kong. Vizlly is a product that is not a nice-to-have but a must-have; a product for accelerated growth,” said John McAuliffe, President, Leonardo.

Successful Customers
Over the last few months, a select group of Leonardo’s most successful customers participated in a production trial of Vizlly. Since transitioning to the new system, Leonardo’s customers have praised the new system, especially the ease of now being able to manage all their marketing efforts using one system and, in particular, the ability to easily create and manage their own hotel website without a digital marketing agency.

“Vizlly is really exciting! It’s definitely something that will help us a lot. I love the interface – it’s very easy to navigate and use. I like the storytelling aspect because each hotel has a unique story, and being able to create a website is really exciting. I would definitely recommend it to another hotelier,” said Emily Drennen, Marketing Specialist, Lancaster DoubleTree Resort by Hilton.

To learn more about Vizlly, visit www.leonardo.com/products/vizlly

About Leonardo
Leonardo Worldwide Corporation is a technology company serving the global hospitality industry. Leonardo provides e-marketers at hotel brands, management companies, hotel properties and travel websites with technology solutions that improve the way they present their hotels online to travel shoppers.

Leonardo’s core products include Vizlly, a cloud-based Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System that makes it easy for hotel marketers to create and publish websites, mobile websites, social media apps and digital brochures for third party travel websites; VScape® Digital Asset Management System, an enterprise-level digital asset management and distribution tool that helps hotel chains better source, manage, organize, store, and publish media assets to direct and indirect online channels; and MediaConnect, advanced connectivity for travel websites to access the industries definitive source of hotel certified visual content.

Key to all products is Leonardo’s extensive connectivity. Using Leonardo’s VNetwork, the largest travel website network in the global hospitality industry including GDSs, Meta Search sites, OTAs and more, hoteliers can publish their content and stories to millions of travel shoppers all over the world on the channels, devices and platforms they use to shop for hotels online.

For more information about Leonardo, visit www.leonardo.com.

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