IHG Hotels Using VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System Increased 200% In 2010

Toronto, ON, Canada – January 18, 2011 – VFM Leonardo has a long-standing relationship with InterContinental Hotel Group for management and distribution of hotel images. IHG properties also have the opportunity to subscribe to VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System. In 2010, the number of IHG hotels that added VBrochure to their online marketing strategies increased 200%. This increase in adoption is evidence that IHG properties believe in the power of visual merchandising to drive consumer action.

VFM Leonardo has interviewed a number of IHG customers about their experiences with VBrochure thus far. One customer in particular, Granite Hospitality, a strategic hotel investment and management company in Scottsdale, Arizona, states online merchandising is part of their greater online strategy which also includes SEO, PPC and social networking. They’re using VBrochure Ultra Premium for four of their properties, two of which are Holiday Inns.

Within one year of launching VBrochure Ultra Premium, their Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s video and virtual tours generated nearly 4,000 rich media views – an indication that travel shoppers are seeking rich media. Further, according to VFM Leonardo’s Merchandising Health Index, The Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s visual presence exceeds that of other hotels within a 5 mile radius – giving them a competitive edge. VFM Leonardo’s ROI Calculator estimates an ROI of 722% and almost $24,000 in incremental revenue for the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood annually.

“The VBrochure Ultra Premium Multimedia Viewer has significantly improved the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s online presence by displaying virtual tours, photos, video and written descriptions in an easily navigable format on thousands of web sites. It’s such a cost effective and powerful hotel marketing tool!” said Melissa Bruckler, Hospitality E-Commerce Consultant for Granite Hospitality.

Bruckler also offered the following advice: “Have high quality photos taken – a must – and a high quality video – it doesn’t need to be expensive to have impact, but must be professionally made and give an overall picture of your hotel.  Then, get them distributed – your website, the social sites, associates/vendors and traditional 3rd party travel sites.  Make sure they will be seen where your guests are likely to be looking and researching.”

Click here to see the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood’s VPowered Multi-Media Viewer.

“We are pleased to see an increase in IHG customers last year and expect this number to continue to grow as more IHG properties get started with VBrochure. It yields a high ROI and is a critical part of a hotel’s online marketing strategy,” said Paolo Boni, President and CEO of VFM Leonardo.

VBrochure enables hotels to syndicate and display rich media online and make their presence more engaging and work harder to drive booking conversions. IHG properties can learn more at ihg.vfmleonardo.com.

About VFM Leonardo

VFM Leonardo is a technology and online media company for the global hospitality industry. We provide e-marketers at hotel brands, management companies and hotel properties with technology, sales conversion tools and a global travel media network that enables them to better visually merchandise their hotels to millions of in-market travel shoppers monthly. Our core products, the VScape® Digital Asset Management System and VBrochure™ Online Merchandising System, leverage the VNetwork™ – the largest media syndication network in the industry. It includes all major search engines, Global Distribution Systems, online travel agencies, travel research and supplier websites, search portals, review, travel editorial, local directories and major social media and video sharing sites. Taking advantage of VBrochure’s mobile and social media platforms, hotels can ensure that their rich visual presentations reach consumers on their mobile devices and through their social graphs. For more information about VFM Leonardo, visit www.vfmleonardo.com.

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