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How Z Loft Hotel Bar & Grill increased direct bookings by 50%.


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How many different accommodation providers can you fit in one 5,000 person town? 13, if you’re talking about St. Robert, Missouri, where the Z Loft Hotel Bar & Grill opened its doors two years ago.

Although the property offers its distinct clientele (military service members and government contractors) unique features such as king suites and a washer and dryer in every apartment, the property still faces the challenge of finding ways it can differentiate itself from the competition in a crowded market.

The Challenge

"95% of our customers are service members or government contractors and it’s rather congested when it comes to options here. We have lots of great features that make us stand out – but the challenge online is getting people to see that and choose us.”


Managing Partner, Z Loft Hotel Bar & Grill

Paula Farris

The hotel is in a unique location, in a small, military-based town near Fort Leonard Wood. Travelers were spreading word-of-mouth buzz about the hip, funky hotel – now, she wanted more online travel shoppers to find out about them too.

The Solution

Advancing to a Visually-Driven Website That Converts

Paula subscribes to Vizlly to create a visually-driven website, mobile sites, Facebook apps and digital brochures for third-party travel channels. “I wanted to advance us. I know through webinars I attend that videos are the latest thing. That’s something I couldn’t have with the website company I was with before.”

“I switched to Leonardo knowing that you’re the leaders and you’re more advanced,” said Paula. “Now, I look at the analytics and they’re so detailed – and they show me my gut instinct was right when we wanted to implement videos and have a more visual website.”

“You’ve helped us create a really beautiful website that people can look at. We’ve increased direct bookings and it’s definitely gotten better every month. I don’t think we could have done it without you.”


Managing Partner at Z Loft Hotel Bar & Grill

Paula Farris

The Results

Surpassing Expectations

Z Loft subscribes to Vizlly to create mobile optimized websites for smartphone and tablet that are Google verified, helping the property appear higher in mobile search engine results; detect the travel shopper’s device and display a website optimized for that device; and drive direct bookings with “book now” integrations on every page.

The Z Loft’s new mobile website is also driving inbound inquiries at a much higher rate than her previous mobile website. Every month, Z Loft receives hundreds of inbound inquiries from their mobile website.

“With our old company, they weren’t really mobile friendly at first and then there were some limitations. With you, it’s more advanced. You’ve helped keep us current,” said Paula.

Success Coaching Makes All the Difference

One of the reasons Paula has seen such success with Vizlly is because of the support and guidance she receives from her dedicated CHDM and Google Analytics certified Success Coach – something that every Vizlly customer receives.

“In our world, we need stuff done yesterday. With you guys, there’s never a down time for a response, that’s really nice for me. Sometimes we have questions and we really appreciate your input,” she said.

The Z Loft Hotel is the perfect example of a hotel that knows who it is and what they want: they’re young and hip and they want to attract specific clientele. To do so with limited time and budget, they needed cutting-edge technology that would showcase their uniqueness to the world – and thanks to Vizlly, they can.


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